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Heat exchanger with removable tubes bundle 

This type of exchangers have a dismountable tube bundle that is, for this reason, inspectable both oil and water side and is particularly fit for not filtered liquids.

The material of the tube bundle can be copper for soft water, copper nickel for seawater and stainless steel for other corrosive fluids or gas

They consist of smooth tubes with little diameter; this allows the best compromise between high thermic performance and low pressure drops.

The flow rates shown in the tables are the ones recommended for the exchanger proper working. Going down the lowest flow rate indicated in the tables, the low oil speed causes a great loss in performance, whereas a flow rate that is superior to the maximum indicated causes great pressure drops and does not considerably increase the thermic performance.

The maximum working pressure allowed in the oil and water circuits is 12 bar

For the right calculation of tube bundle exchangers, we supply our customers with a CD-ROM calculation program; by filling in some data, it is possible to establish the right exchanger and to obtain all the working parameters on a data sheet.

The tube bundle heat exchangers can be used with other kind of fluids, which must be compatible with copper and its alloys. However, for each use, with the exception of oil cooling, we recommend to consult our Technical Department.

Exchange surface from 1 to 30 m2 approximately.