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The history of Costante Sesino began almost one century ago, when in 1919 the company was established by the Sesino brothers and started its activity, with this name, in a small workshop in Milan repairing radiators and tanks of motor vehicles.

In 1922, after having received a big order for the production of car radiators for the company Edoardo Bianchi, Brothers Sesino moved to the first official base in Via Noè, Milan.

Through the 30’s the activity of the company included also the construction of radiator’s grills, condensers and evaporators for fridges. This type of production lasted till the 40’s and after the II World War.

During this period the company focused its production mainly on spare parts for car’s radiators and, after brother Alfredo had given up the activity, Brothers Sesino became definitely Costante Sesino with an already established fame for its quality and reliability.

From the beginning of the 50’s, following the appearance of the oleo dynamic technology, Costante Sesino started, first in Italy, the production of heat exchangers for oil. In order to meet and support this development the company moved to the new base in Via Doberdò, always in Milan.

In the middle of the 70’s Costante Sesino achieved the leadership in the market of the construction of air-oil and water-oil heat exchangers for oleo dynamic’s systems, abandoning nearly completely the manufactures of car’s radiators.

The years following, the quality and the reliability of the products allowed the company to enlarge the sales on the foreign market, raising a net that is actually present on almost all the world’s continents.
In 2000 the company entered the Brothers Tognella Group increasing its presence on the market and developing new projecting and producing skills.

The constant growth brought in 2003 to the last change of place of Costante Sesino S.p.A. The company moved to the current seat in Gessate (Milan): a warehouse of 4000 mq used for the production of heat exchangers by means of the most advanced technology.

The dynamism and the experience that have always marked our company have now brought Costante Sesino to extend its attention to other fields of the production of heat exchangers.

Since 15th February 2017 Costante Sesino S.P.A. is no longer part of F.lli Tognella Group, the 100% of the company shares are now entirely owned by the Sesino family.

The choice of the company F.LLI TOGNELLA is not a consequence of disagreements between our companies but only the need of Messrs. Tognella to take care exclusively of the future of their family companies. Costante Sesino and F.lli Tognella will continue anyway to be business partners as it had been for 17 years.